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Craft and the Digital: Navigating the Folds

Craft and the Digital: Navigating the Folds

Heller, L, T. Crivellaro Grenier, D. Millerson and K. Morris. Craft and the Digital: Navigating the Folds, Toronto, 2022

As part of our project to investigate synergies between digital technologies and traditional craft fabrication, we have collected stories from Canadian academics and students on how they perceive and learned to use digital tools, networks and processes. 

These stories have been translated into a VR experience allowing viewers to explore the themes of play, hand, time, loss, and future. The viewer navigates through a virtual Canadian landscape encountering fabrics and structures while listening to a soundscape made up of recorded voices and ambient music. This in-person VR experience invites 15 participants to sign up for 30-minute timeslots to wear a headset and explore the virtual environment.

Image credit: Design TO 

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